Technology Platform

Modern web technology for comprehensive data aggregation, investment analysis and reporting

In the financial world, there’s one constant: change.

New asset classes gain and lose favor quickly. Investors have embraced globalization. Regulatory and compliance requirements continue to evolve. The growing sophistication of investment portfolios means advisors and investors are faced with managing unprecedented amounts of data. At the same time, modern investors are demanding a new level of investment insight and advice. Innovative approaches to analysis and reporting are expected.

Addepar was built to address these challenges with the future in mind. Our technology is engineered to be infinitely flexible and immediately adaptable.



Best-in-Class Security

Security is Addepar’s top priority and the most important service we provide to our clients.

With this in mind, we have designed our security systems to be robust, fail-safe, and verifiable. Our engineers have substantial experience working with and building world-class technology, and Addepar meets and exceeds all relevant security protocols and standards. Members of Addepar’s Information Security team, who have substantial experience in both offensive and defensive security, are dedicated to securing all aspects of the Addepar Management Platform, including, but not limited to: physical security; data transmission security; and storage security.

World-Class Usability & Design

Addepar builds its powerful technology on a foundation of the best design principles.

The application’s elegant interface is designed to emphasize the most meaningful information. Its intuitive navigation and simplified layout prominently display frequently used analytical tools without sacrificing the customizable features that make Addepar so robust.

Comprehensive Data Aggregation & Modeling

Addepar’s platform aggregates data from your custodians and administrators, and can also import and validate data from spreadsheets, text files, and other documents. The data is then reconciled and normalized before entering Addepar’s patented Financial Graph of ownership relationships and hierarchies.  

Using attributes and algorithms, Addepar interprets and quantifies the nature of those relationships, analyzing and presenting your assets intuitively. With Addepar managing your data, you can spend your time on impactful, important tasks.

Powerful Analytics

Built on the solid foundation of a comprehensive data platform, our analytics engine powers rigorous analysis of any portfolio.

You can customize your own investment attributes, perform goals-based analysis, and dive into your data for a detailed view of any asset. Addepar also models the complexity of modern ownership, allowing users to examine portfolios for individual family members, entire organizations, or clustered groups of stakeholders. The Addepar dashboard presents a fluid interface to sort through any combination or scale of information; with the technology to dissect volumes in seconds, you can go as granular or as big-picture as desired.

Customizable Reporting & Interactive Client Portal

Invaluable portfolio and fund insights are only as effective as your ability to communicate them.

Addepar equips its users with a suite of communication tools fueled by Ember.js and other modern web technology, empowering managers to present rich visualizations to their clients, peers, and stakeholders. With Addepar, you can filter by any attribute, choose from a host of visual templates, create any ad hoc report in seconds, and implement custom branding with drag-and-drop ease. The Addepar client portal enables maximum control and flexibility: manage which stakeholders see what information, and set your own timeline — even use your company logos and colors for attractive branding. From pixel to pie charts, shape and customize your reports to the most explicit specifications.

Extensible Technology Platform

Our team is actively developing open APIs to allow you to work with your data using the right formats and tools for you.

Integrations with your proprietary and third-party systems will let you use your Addepar data with other applications, such as those for rebalancing, CRM, or trade order management. The Addepar platform leverages the building blocks of modern, distributed computing architectures.

Flexible Permissioning

Addepar lets you manage access to data and analysis tools.

Establish separate permissions for your team members based on their roles. Set parameters that start at read-only access and extend to report-writing for analysts and price-setting for operations personnel. Control your workflows, report design, transactions, attachments, and access to personal information. Customize permissions to regulate the data and resources you share on the web with portfolio owners. Create separate portals for each client, entity, or member of a family.